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Imaging Services:

Bone Metastases NaF-18 PET

Brain PET

Calcium Scoring

Cardiac PET - Rubidium-82 (Rb-82)

Cardiac FDG Viability

CT (CAT Scan)

CT with Contrast

CT Lung Screen


PET Scan


An integrated and comprehensive scan combining the functionality of PET and anatomical information from CT. This can help physicians accurately diagnose many diseases at earlier stages when treatment is more likely to be effective. Its accuracy may help to precisely localize disease to aid in planning the right treatment for each patient, reducing unnecessary procedures and saving valuable time. For patients undergoing treatment, a PET/CT scan can provide a clearer assessment of how each person is responding.

Uses: Oncology (Cancer)

For diagnosis, staging and monitoring of treatment, with the following indications:

Oncology - Clinical Indications for Ordering PET or PET/CT

Breast Cancer
Cervical Cancer
Colorectal Cancer
Esophageal Cancer
Head and Neck
Liver Cancer
Lung Cancer, Non-Small Cell
Lymphoma Melanoma of Skin
Ovarian Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Solitary Pulmonary Nodule
Thyroid Cancer

PET/CT Preparation:

  • You will be required to fast 8 hours prior to the procedure: no food or drinks
  • Take daily medications with necessary water 6 hours prior to visit.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise the day before the exam.
  • Remove all jewelry and hairpins.
  • Upon arrival a United Radiology technologist will review your medical record and answer any questions you have.
  • A licensed physician will check your blood sugar level. Please make sure to advise our staff at the time of scheduling if you are diabetic.
  • An imaging radiotracer called FDG-18 (Flurodeoxglucose) is injected into the vein, for PET (excluding Cardiac Pet).
  • A brief resting period in a quiet and comfortable environment is provided and required before the imaging begins. This resting period is necessary so that the FDG can be distributed to the heart.
  • Bring your doctors order, insurance co-payment and any prior imaging films.

    Diabetic Preparation:

  • You will be asked to fast 8 hours prior to the procedure.
  • Let our staff know you are diabetic so we can schedule you first thing in the morning.
  • Bring your insulin with you.
  • We will check your glucose level prior to the exam to insure that it does not interfere with the test.
  • How Long is the Exam?:
    The actual scan takes only 15-30 minutes where you are placed lying down on a table in a comfortable , non-claustrophobic environment. The entire procedure is around 2 1/2 hours.

    After the Exam:
    You should experience no discomfort and return immediately to daily activities. Consider bringing food or beverage for after your scan.

    Exam Results:
    Results will be sent directly to your referring physician, who will then contact you. If you would like a CD of your films, please request this when you schedule your appointment or upon arrival to the facility.

    Insurance Coverage:
    United Radiology participates with most Insurance plans, however, insurance companies require supporting documentation, prior scans, biopsy and labs in most cases. Our customer service department is there to assist you in answering any questions. Please contact United Radiology Customer Service at 301-441-9696 for more information.

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